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SKY Law Firm

About Us

SKY Law Firm founded by Young Lawyer Legal Practionist Leonardus S. Sagala, S.H., M.H., C.L.A., C.R.A., SKY Law Firm is a emerging law firm since 2021 that you can trust to help and consult you with legal problems in Indonesia, we're not only handling legal cases in Jakarta, we also experienced in helping our clients throughout Indonesia.

SKY Law Firm provides high-quality legal service from many legal aspects in Indonesia. We are offering our own unique litigation and non-litigation approach for your legal solution including Criminal Law, Civil Law, Public Administration Law, Election Dispute, Arbitration, and Bankruptcy. We also provide Legal Audit for corporate business transactions. Whenever and whatever your problem is, our highly-skilled lawyers are prepared to give you the best performance, whether it's individual or team. Our team consist of lawyers with various speciality, makes it easier for us to create a team of advocates with diverse expertise to provide the best of the best solution, moreover our advocates are certified as a legal auditor and Administrator & Receiver Bankruptcy

Our advocates have excellent knowledge and experiences in various fields of law, making it easier to solve legal problems faced by clients. Sharp and contained arguments, innovative solutions and a sense of responsibility to clients are the guarantees that we can offer to clients who believe in us. What's more, our advocates have been provided with professional certificates of Legal Auditor as well as curators and administrators.

Providing the best legal services for clients while upholding ethics and professionalism as well as providing legal education for the community is the main goal in establishing this law firm.

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